What it means to be a Voyageurs

Portage College has 7 campuses in Northeast Alberta and they are located in Frog Lake, Cold Lake, St. Paul, Boyle, Saddle lake, Goodfish Lake and the main campus is in Lac La Biche. The Men's Hockey team, Men's and Women's Soccer/Futsal teams are based out of the Lac La Biche campuses because of our practice times and travel arrangements. The Golf and Curling team athletes can be located in any of our 7 campuses but the availability of practice and the commitment to attending tournaments will be required.

Why should you start your Voyage through post-secondary with us?

Portage College is a smaller post-secondary institute with Lac La Biche campus being the biggest location with 500 students. When you look at class sizes most of our classes have between 16 to 24 students in each class (Power Engineering being the exception with 33 students - our biggest). The Portage College instructors really get a chance to watch you grow and develop as a student in the classroom with the smaller class room sizes. You aren't a number here - you have a name and the instructors care about you, and want to challenge you to grow as a student and as a human being. As a student-athlete we will work with you to assist in your personal growth and see you leave our institution with your Academic Goal achieved and as a young adult ready to attack the world.

Voyageurs Athletes

By becoming a Voyageurs student-athlete you have agreed to be a high performance athlete where your performance academically, athletically and within the communities will guide your decision making in all aspects of your life at Portage College. Coaches, Faculty and College staff will provide exceptional learning and athletic experiences for you to grow in.

As a member of the Voyageurs Athletics teams you will be an ambassador of Portage College and Portage College Athletic Department. Voyageurs student-athletes are very involved in our communities and looked at by our youth as mentors and role models. In accepting this responsibility your actions are image and highly visible. Lac La Biche County has 12,500 people in it and the town of Lac La Biche has roughly 2,500 people in it. Everyone gets to know the student-athletes by the public appearances we do, watching games and helping out with minor sports teams.

Portage College has a lot of great academic programs to help you succeed on your path to success all they need is your commitment and work ethic to help achieve them. The Student Services program advisors are trained to assist you picking the right programs and classes for you. We have a wonderful Student Learning Services department that will assist you if you need help with study skills, time management or any learning disability you might not of known you had. 


Final Thought

At Portage College we support our student-athletes and work hard to make sure they have all the resources to succeed athletically. We hire the best experienced Head Coaches in the country and make sure they have all the resources to help our student-athletes succeed. The Facilities we have access to at the College and the Lac La Biche Bold Centre are top notch and better than in some of the bigger centers across Canada.

We have the academic programs, we have the experienced coaches, we have the fabulous facilities all we are waiting for is YOU!

Come start your post-secondary journey with the Portage College Voyageurs.