International Students Information

FAQ for International Student-Athletes

The following FAQ are meant to assist international students interested in attending Portage College and participating with Voyageurs Athletic teams during the academic year.

How do I join a Voyageurs Athletic team?

Individuals interested in trying out for any of the Portage College Voyageurs teams must contact the Head Coach of that team and also fill out the player registration form attached here.

How do I apply for Admission to Portage College?

Potential International student-athletes wanting to apply to attend Portage College should begin at least four (4) to six (6) months in advance of the term in which they wish to attend for studies. If you are interested please go to the "How to Apply" tab on this website and you can fill out teh college application form. Then you will have to pay the Application fee of $ 160.00 to Student Services (phone number is on the application form) to start the process.

Do student-athletes receive special admission consideration?

Portage College International student-athletes DO NOT receive any special admission consideration when applying. All college student applications must meet the  academic standard of that program for acceptance.

Do student require to take IQAS?

All Portage College students have to apply through IQAS and the link is . Please send Portage College the confirmation of IQAS Application. Here is an IQAS Information sheet for you to look at.

Can International-Students use WES?

Some of Portage College programs will accept WES (World Education Services ) but they vary from program to program. You are best to ask your assigned advisor that question.

Are students required to take Proficiency tests?

All Portage College international students will be required to take an English language written & oral Proficiency tests (options are attached here). Please send your confirmation of English Language Proficiency Application.

Do I require a study permit?

Yes, a valid study permit must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar on or before the first day of classes. Please go to canada immigration at , you can also click on this great resource for some information around the study permit.

Social Insurance Number?

All student-athletes must provide their Social Insurance number to the athletic department at the start of the year to accept any Financial aid or Scholarships from Portage College. You can apply for your Social Insurance number once you arrive in Canada. 



Here is a little more information in regards for Portage College International students - click here.