Medical & Eligibility Intake

Message from Athletic Manager


Welcome to the Portage College Medical and Eligibility Intake system.

Portage College strives to deliver quality medical support for all of our student-athletes. This detailed registration form, medical history and emergency contacts help preparing our medical staff react to health situations you might need while playing for the Voyageurs. This information also allows us to assess your eligibility to represent Portage College Athletics in competition.

In order to compete for Voyageurs Athletics teams a few steps have to be completed:

1) Review of the Student-Athlete Handbook and attend their teams Athlete Orientation meeting.

2) Sign and agree to the Portage College Voyageurs Code of Conduct (form in Forms Cabinet). You have chosen to be part of the Voyageurs Athletic program and in doing so wearing the College brand so your actions require careful thinking on your part to not damage the brand.

3) Complete the Online registration form in Privit.

4) Electronic Signature the medical consent form and CCES consent form.

5) Complete the Emergency Medical Contact page and the Medical History sections of Privit thoroughly and please be detailed. All student-athletes will go over this information with the Athletic Therapist before competitions start.

Here is the Privit website for you to start working on the above forms, you can start and stop if needed as it will keep your spot.


6) Complete the CCES Drug Education Webinar - The Comletion Certificate date is required in the ACAC Conflink system when we register our team rosters:

  • For returning or transfering student-athletes please use the login information you previously created. Can't remember your username? Try your email address from last year.
  • Use the "Forgot Password?" function to retrieve your password if you have forgoten it. Contact the CCES if you have forgotten your login information 1-800-672-7775
  • Please use this link to Login: 
  • You will be completing the Review portion and this will take approxiametly 20-25 minutes. If you need to leave during please sign out and it will remember where you left off.
  • NOTE: Please complete the Evaluation at the end of the courec as this is what triggers the completion certificate.


  •  For FIRST TIME student-athletes please follow the following steps
  • Link: 
  • Copy and paste the enrollment key below into the appropriate text boxes and press submit.
  • Enrollment Key: CCAA2019
  • You will be prompted to enter your name and email address. Your email address will become your username.
  • Enter a password that you will remember
  • Log in with your new username and password
  • Go to "My Courses"
  • You must complete the profile module before you can start the course.
  • Return to "My Courses" to begin the course"
  • This course will take approxiamately 1 hour to complete. If you need to leave during please sign out and it will remember where you left off.
  • NOTE: Please complete the Evaluation at the end of the course as this is what triggers the completion certificate.




Thank you in advance for helping make the medical and eligibility portion of being a student-athlete as efficient as possible. Good luck this season and thank you for choosing Portage College for your studies.

Voyageurs Athletic Department